A 3 Days trip along the Danube, Vienna – Bratislava – Györ – Bratislava – Vienna

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Our yearly bicycle trip 2015 edition… having crossed the alps in the past 2 years, we decided to keep it flat this year and try a river, the Danube, on the Euro 6 route that goes from the Atlantic in France to the black sea in Bulgaria.

Tour map, Danube track, Vienna to Bratislava to Györ
Tour map, Danube track, Vienna to Bratislava to Györ on the Slovak side and back on the Hungarian side.

Day 1 – Vienna to Bratislava – 70 Kms

InstagramCapture_e3e5538a-7272-4650-905c-15d1a509da50Friday August 21st, after an early flight we reached the bicycle rental shop is close to Vienna Prater stern station, so it was easy taking the the S7 from the airport directly there… The prater seems to be Vienna’s amusement park… and also the melting pot of drug dealers there. Vienna must be quite interesting but we didn’t get to see much, just the “Donau Insel” with the markings on the street.

First Picking up the bikes from Pedal Power,. I have to say i was impressed by the friendliness of the owner, the bikes were decent, KTM trekking bikes with 27 gears, the seats were WP_20150821_12_38_07_Proreasonably comfortable and the prices OK, just make sure u have new puncture proof tyres 🙂 its actually more convenient then bringing your own bike by plane. They also gave us repair sets, 3 extra tubes! which we needed right after leaving…

WP_20150821_16_44_46_ProWP_20150821_17_39_46_Pro WP_20150821_17_39_33_Pro

the austrian Slovak border


Arriving to Bratislava, with the bridges and the castle, but the old town is really nice to see, street art and architecture.



Traditional Slovak plate, an interesting mix of meat, kraut, some pierogi… at the Bratislava Flagship Restaurant, some old church turned restaurant/artist corner, a must see there…


The industrial side of Bratislava.


In Bratislava we stayed at Hotel Perugia in an allay in the old town… An excellent way to enjoy 1st hand the very vibrant and loud nightlife! But if need to rest, look for a hotel outside of the old town 🙂

Day 2 – Bratislava to Györ, on the Slovak Side – 100 Kms

Saturday august 22nd, leaving Bratislava in the morning and heading south was nit easy. So we had some bagles ina square and watched the hordes of tourist groups roaming around.

WP_20150823_14_10_19_ProBuffet: a typical resting place on the Slovak side, it also offers shelter in stormy days and an excellent chill-out zone in sunny days and yes, the chicks are Hot!

WP_20150822_14_47_27_Pro WP_20150822_12_03_44_Pro

The Slovak side of the Danube is quite new and straight forward, after passing towns with interesting names like Horny Pub and Sap, we crossed the border to Hungary and headed to györ, a town on the other side of the river.




In Györ, we stayed at Hotel Baross its a 5min walk to downtown. A town with lots of dentists, famous for dental tourism, but also for the old town.

Day 3 – Györ – Bratislava – Vienna – 155 Kms

Sunday august 23rd, after a decent breakfast, we hit the road north, on the Hungarian side of the Danube this time.

WP_20150823_08_26_59_Pro WP_20150823_08_54_10_Pro


WP_20150823_09_24_22_ProWP_20150823_10_01_39_ProWP_20150823_12_53_45_ProHungarian Food, Deep fried or Gulash

WP_20150823_13_27_29_ProThe border between Hungary and Slovakia. I am sure that it has changed now with the refugee influx.


And finally arriving to Vienna in the evening, time went so fast, barely had time to catch a bite and sleep.. until 4 AM and then catch a plane back to Work. The trip was too short. Next time definitely take 2 more days and continue to Budapest at least! But now it’s time to plan the 2016 trip, maybe on the Atlantic to Bordeaux to visit some wineries…. any suggestions?


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